Rules for the use of cleaning products

There is an unlimited amount of product each meeting each specific cleaning need. So, these products must be used correctly in order to prevent accidents.
Below is a summary of the basic rules for all potentially dangerous products.
Dangerous and toxic cleaning product
These rules are common to all products, their objective is the prevention of chemical risk for the handler and the optimisation of the product's efficiency:
1. Wear cleaning gloves
2. Wearing glasses when opening product dose sachets is strongly recommended
3. Use only one product at a time otherwise: risk of dangerous chemical reactions for the manipulator, risk of incompatibility or / and inactivation
4. Respect the indications for use: for dilutions, for contact times, for water temperature and renew the solutions according to the manufacturer's instructions
5. Put the product in water! and not vice versa to avoid any risk of projection of pure product
6. Close and label the vials containing the diluted prepared products and store them away from heat and light (disinfectant detergent products can be kept for 96 hours or even supplier info)
7. Do not use food bottles to repackage products
8. Respect the expiration dates
9. Ensure inventory rotation
10. It is strongly advised not to use sprayers or sprays in order to reduce the risk of allergy by respiratory sensitisation
11. Never mix products ...
12. Each product made available to cleaners must be accompanied by a safety data sheet and a technical practical use sheet.

Beware of the risk of projection of pure product:

in the event of chemical burns on the skin rinse abundantly with running water and in the event of projection in the eyes rinse with physiological saline or running water

Beware of reactions in case of prolonged contact:

skin irritations, allergies (contact eczema or asthma)
In all these cases, it is essential to contact occupational medicine.