Call a cleaning professional for your medical pratice

Medical practice cleaning is subject to very strict standards like many other sectors.
Indeed, the surfaces present in the town practices are touched by very many patients every day, who can be carriers of germs. These rooms should therefore be cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Very strict standards
First of all, there is a strict protocol, issued by the health authority, concerning the maintenance of premises for medical use. This protocol defines the parts to be cleaned and how to do it according to the recommendations of good practice.
However, for certain surfaces or for equipment for medical use, what is called disinfection should be carried out. The Center for the Prevention of Infections Associated with Care defines the equipment subject to disinfection and the products to be used for this. Bactericides must comply with standard NF EN 1040 or NF T 72170 depending on the surface.
The cleaning of premises for medical use is therefore not something to be done lightly.

How to properly clean a doctor's office?
Cleaning of a doctor's office can only be carried out by trained personnel, and in accordance with the specifications and standards in force. So, it is not that easy to achieve.
Depending on the medical professions concerned, the prerequisites in terms of hygiene will not be the same, because the risk of contamination will also be different. We recommend that you use a cleaning company, fully aware of the existing rules, and already having the appropriate equipment to carry out this cleaning.

The specifications for the cleaning to be carried out can also be found on the site of the respective orders of the medical professions.
Our cleaning experts carry out the maintenance and disinfection of your premises, and your doctor's office, in perfect correlation with the health standards in force.

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